SourcePro® C++ for Enterprise C++ Development

SourcePro C++ is the most complete enterprise C++ development platform

SourcePro C

SourcePro C++ is a robust collection of proven cross-platform C++ tools that help reduce time-to-market, increase reliability, and extend the life of your applications. It includes C++ libraries, intuitive abstractions, threading modules, collection classes and containers, and can be expanded with algorithms, networking communications, and database access add-ons.

These all create an infrastructure layer for C++ that, on one hand, insulates developers from some of the complexities of the underlying platform, and on the other, gives them fine-grained control and low-level access. Developers choose the level of abstraction that they require.

SourcePro C++ is backed by a world-class support team and professional services with the technical expertise for building stable, flexible, platform-independent applications. With SourcePro, development teams can create highly reliable, extremely portable, high-performance systems.

"We've been using SourcePro for more than 10 years and would not be able to support multiple platforms and databases without it."
Bob Dixon, Manager Software, Development TIE Commerce, Inc.

"Using Rogue Wave SourcePro Core and SourcePro DB enabled us to provide our customers the variety of operating systems and database platforms they demand."
Linda Mundy, Quality Assurance, Director



  • SourcePro C++ has been battle-tested in thousands of applications over decades of use. Our own testing framework ensures that SourcePro provides a stable platform for user applications.
  • Developers build their applications against our APIs, which rarely change. Even when the underlying platform capabilities change, we rewrite our components to take advantage of upgrades, insulating our users from changes that destabilize existing applications.

Portable and Migratable

  • By writing against SourcePro C++’s APIs, developers don’t get tied into vendor-specific combinations of hardware, operating systems and databases. Applications are easily ported to other platforms.
  • Migrating applications written in SourcePro C++ is much easier than migrating applications written directly against platform vendors’ APIs. When new versions of operating systems or databases are released, we update our components for the new features, letting developers using SourcePro C++ concentrate on their business logic instead of worrying about platform changes.


  • SourcePro C++ components incorporate advanced performance algorithms and caching to accelerate the performance of applications built on our framework.
  • SourcePro C++ provides constructs for threading abstractions and high-performance containers.

SourcePro C++ speeds up the initial development of an application and makes on-going maintenance much more straightforward. This results in software with a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs than applications developed without SourcePro.