Visual Data Analysis You Can Trust

The PV-WAVE Family, which includes PV-WAVE, TS-WAVE, and JWAVE, provides software developers with the high productivity tools needed to efficiently and accurately meet data analysis requirements. PV-WAVE solutions allow users to rapidly import, manipulate, analyze and visualize data.

The PV-WAVE Family includes robust time series analysis software as well as the ability to share analysis results across the enterprise with a Java™-based solution. Unlike other products, PV-WAVE Advantage includes a sophisticated set of analysis routines based on the industry-standard IMSL Numerical Libraries.

PV-WAVE charting capabilities, such as this X Bar and R chart are used in many technical and business applications.

How can the PV-WAVE Family Help You?

Build and Deploy Visual Data Analysis Applications

PV-WAVE is an array oriented fourth-generation programming language used to build and deploy VDA applications.

  • Manipulate and visualize simple to complex datasets
  • Detect and display patterns, trends, anomalies and other vital information
  • Deliver powerful image and signal processing, data import and export, 3-D surface, plot, histogram, contour, animation, color editor and a database table display
  • Incorporate sophisticated analysis routines based on the industry-standard IMSL Numerical Libraries for reliable and precise numerical analysis

The PV-WAVE Family of Products includes robust time series analysis software

TS-WAVE is the time series analysis component of the PV-WAVE Family of products.

  • Perform plot creation and batch processing of time series data
  • Use any of the four general functional areas provided: time history, tabular data, x-y plotting and batch processing
  • Customizable for proprietary data formats

Share Data and Collaborate Enterprise-Wide

JWAVE is included in the PV-WAVE Family for network-based visual data analysis applications.

  • Provide quick access to and greater understanding of data from anywhere, at anytime
  • Quickly create 3-D surfaces, X-Y plots, polar plots, animations, contours, bar charts, histograms and more
  • Rapidly analyze, visualize and share critical information immediately across the organization, regardless of the computer platform

PV-WAVE Applications and Toolkits

To solve more specific problems, Rogue Wave provides PV-WAVE Applications and Toolkits for image and signal processing.

  • The PV-WAVE Image Processing Toolkit includes an extensive set of filters, transforms and image processing operators designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding image processing application.
  • The PV-WAVE Signal Processing Toolkit provides a broad selection of pre-defined and readily customized Digital Signal Processing (DSP) functions, which are designed to improve data analysis and simulations. Filters are transfer-function-based for easy design, analysis and realization of custom filters. The toolkit includes functions and procedures for the Fourier and wavelet analysis of a signal, as well as utilities and source code to facilitate custom function development.