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Efficient, Low Cost XML Data Binding Speeds Your Project’s Time-To-Market

The complexity of producing well constructed, reliable class libraries from XML schema can challenge any project’s timeline and staff productivity. The XBinder XML to C / C++ data binding tool substantially streamlines and simplifies a project’s development and maintenance time by automatically serializing objects into XML and deserializing XML into C or C++ objects.

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Why Use XML Data Binding?

XBinder’s XML data binding offers the following advantages over traditional XML API's such as SAX and DOM:

Performance - Operations such as validation or (de)serialization are faster with code generated from XML schema then with validating parsers.

Simplicity - XBinder automates production of well constructed, easy-to-read code for faster time-to-market cycles.

Reliability - XML data binding applications assure the validity of generated XML documents by working at the schema level.

Note: XML data binding is not always the best choice for all applications. If schemas are expected to change frequently, then the code that uses the schemas would need to be regenerated often. This could be a potential downside. But if the schemas are relatively stable, XML data binding may be a good choice.

Overview of XBinder

XBinder is an XML Schema to C/C++ Data Binding Tool. XML data binding is a process in which XML schema information items are transformed into type definitions and functions in a computer language.

The source code produced by the XBinder compiler is C or C++ code that consists of type definitions and encode/decode functions. This provides a complete Application Programming Interface (API) for working with all of the message definitions contained within an XML schema specification.

In addition to the compiler, a run-time library of common encode/decode functions is also part of the package. This library contains routines to encode and decode the base XML schema simple types (integer, string, hexBinary, etc.). The XBinder compiler assembles a series of calls to these functions to accomplish the encoding or decoding of more complex message types.

Evaluation versions are available for Windows, Linux, various UNIX platforms, and Apple Mac OSX.